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In-Studio Personal Branding session for Meghan Lynch Photography

Last fall in late September, I had the chance to bring a special personal branding photo session to life in my home studio. This time, it was for Meghan, a super bubbly Massachusetts-based wedding and couples photographer with a vibrant personality and a style to match.

personal branding session for photographers
Personal Branding Photography

Turning my studio into a space that reflected Meghan's easy personality was very important. You can see how I transform my studio to match her vision here. The goal was straightforward: ensure every photo captures the spirit of who Meghan is, not just what she does. From the backdrop to the lighting, every element was carefully chosen to highlight her bubbly nature and her professional prowess.

Now, as I finally get my stuff together, I'm excited to share more about this session and others from last year through a series of blog posts. It's important to me that potential clients get a clear picture of the range of personal branding services I offer. These posts aren't just recaps; they're insights into how tailored and thoughtful each photo session can be. You can see how I transformed the studio here.

Update your personal branding photos
Personal Branding photo session 2024

A professional personal branding
Personal Branding
A minimalist personal branding session
In Studio Personal Branding session

Personal Branding Photography
Photography Studio North Shore

Props to bring to a photo session
Props for a Branding Session

Personal Brand Studio Session

If Meghan’s story has sparked an idea or if you’re simply curious about exploring what a personal branding session could do for you, I’m here to chat. Whether we transform my studio to fit your vibe or find a location that screams 'you,' let's work together to craft photos that capture your true self . Drop me a message, and let’s turn your personal branding vision into something tangible and truly captivating.


Miriam Meza is a Boston North-Shore based photographer with over 10 years of experience specializing in studio portrait, headshots and personal branding photography. With a background in hairstyling and makeup artistry, Miriam combines her skills to help clients feel confident and look their best in front of the camera. She is passionate about helping small business owners and entrepreneurs elevate their professional image through personalized photography services.

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